• As Unaitas, we have developed a strong value proposition for our stakeholders in a sustainable manner. As an organization, we are conscious of the business environment we operate in and recognize the diversity of the society that we serve.
  • Our products are developed with the customers’ needs at heart. Within our business proposition, we are keen to deploy financial services by making it easier for customers to access services conveniently and at minimal costs by providing digital access platforms to the members.
  • Our lending model involves a comprehensive risk assessment of the borrower against our risk appetite, and in compliance with local laws and regulations. Unaitas is keen to leverage on our supportive membership and continuously complement their economic plans through the provision of sustainable lending with positive outcomes for all parties.
  • In order to deliver efficient and reliable services to our members, Unaitas has adopted technology and deployed most of our financial services on fintech. Innovation also contributes in reducing poverty and inequality, by providing access to technology to all and enabling access to the digital economy.We boast of having inhouse innovative developments that allow for deepening of our penetration in enhancing business ecosystems. Some of these developments include: