1. Why Join Unaitas Savings and Credit Cooperative Society Ltd? 

  • Our products and services are tailored to suit the customer needs 

  • Excellent customer experience that ensures ease and efficiency 

  • Availability of alternative business channels for accessibility and convenience purposes 

  • Provision of advisory services for business and financial needs 

Unaitas has simplified entry requirements; To Join, you should have 

  • National ID/Valid passport 

  • 10 shares @ Kes 10 – to be a customer member. 

  • A copy of your KRA pin certificate. 

  • Passport size photos are freely taken in our branches. 

Any Kenyan with an age of 18 years and above and of sound mind.

What are the benefits of investing in Unaitas Shares? 

  • Guaranteed membership-the minimum membership requirement is 10 shares @kes 10 to become a customer member or for full membership 100 shares @ kes 10. 

  • Annual dividends on a rate dependent on the profits derived by the organization in the current financial year. 

  • Unaitas Investment Shares are not withdraw-able however, they are transferable to a willing buyer. 

  • Sacco Deposits are withdraw-able members’ savings while shares cannot be withdrawn even on exit from the Sacco but can be transferred to another willing member. 

  • Sacco Deposits earn interest while share/share capital earn dividends 

  • Sacco Deposits can be used as loan security while shares cannot be used. 

  • Unaitas lends against savings and not the investment shares. The loan products are tailored to suit our member’s needs. The basic requirement is membership and regular savings account operation. We also consider the loan repayment ability. 

  • The amount of the loan will depend on your ability and the loan security provided. You must also operate your account for at least three months. 

  • A member is allowed to take any loan products from different categories as far as all lending conditions are met. 

  • No interest or penalty is charged for clearing a loan earlier than the contracted period. 

  1. Guarantors
  2. SACCO deposits.
  3. Land (Title Deed)
  4. Bank guarantees
  5. Co- guarantorship among Group Members
  6. Vehicles with the acceptable year of manufacture.

  • The deposit raised during loan application is refunded after full loan repayment. It will be refunded after 90 days. 

  • To access mobile banking, you will need to visit the nearest branch and fill the required forms. A One Time Pin will be generated and sent to you. 

  • Dial *493# in your phone 

  • Enter your ID number 

  • Put the start pin number (pin shared on your phone) 

  • Put your secret pin number 

  • Confirm your secret pin  

  • Kindly go to your mpesa, choose paybill option, enter 544700, then your ten-digit account amount and complete it with your M-pesa secret pin. 

  • Dialing *493#, enter your ID and secret pin. 

  • Choose option 4 on the menu  

  • Follow the prompts 

  • Account Opening Form (Attached)  

  • Certified copy of ID and Kenyan Passport  

  • A copy of your KRA PIN Number 

  • Recent Passport size photo 

  • A Utility Bill in your name  

  • Driving License/medical/insurance card (If available)   

  • Names and Mobile Number of a relative/Person living in Kenya. 

Ways you can make deposits to youraccount: 

Sawa Pay – Sawa Pay allows you to send money from the US directly to your Unaitas Account via Mpesa Paybill (544700) on Android or iOS mobile app. 

  • Download the Sawa Pay App (Via Android or iOS) or log in via the website to create your profile and be able to send money instantly to your Unaitas Account from the US. 

Simba Pay   – From European Countries. Simba Pay allows you to send money from any European Country, directly to your Unaitas Account via Mpesa Paybill (544700) on Android or iOS mobile app. 

  • Download the   Simba Pay   App (Via Android or iOS) or log in via the website to create your profile and be able to send money instantly to your Unaitas Account from any European country. Link:  https://www.simbapay.com/download. 


Wave money transfer -It is used to transfer money from US, UK, and Canada to East Africa. 

  • Download the Wave App from IOS or Google Play store. 
  • Set up your account this will include your full name, email address, and phone number. 
  • After setting up, log in select, send money from the dashboard. 
  • You will enter the following information: 
  • Sender Name. 
  • Recipient Name: Unaitas Sacco Society Ltd 
  • Recipient Number: Co-operative Account Number (As attached) 
  • Enter the amount.  

World Remit

  • Set up your account (you will be asked for your address, email address, and phone number) 
  • Enter the recipient details – Enter our Co-operative account details. 
  • Pay 

  • Unaitas member completes account opening form at Customer care desk at the branch  
  • Customer care office at the branch opens the account in the banking system as the member waits,  
  • The new account holder is requested to make cash deposit with the cashier to first purchase shares 
  • The new account is ready for deposit, withdrawal and transfer transactions  

Unaitas is a cooperative society registered in Kenya under the co-operatives act and regulated by the Sacco society regulator (SASRA). It is owned by members of the public who Purchase a predetermined number of shares.

The minimum share requirement to be a customer member kes 100. A share cost 10 shillings.

Maximum share requirement is 1,000,000 for a share capital of 10,000,000 shillings

Shares are not withdrawable but are transferable from pone member to another.