Unaitas Savings Accounts

Find a savings account that best serves your particular needs- whether individual or business. We have developed a range of products accompanied with appropriate financial advice to keep your money safe, while earning better rates of interest, with simpler terms and conditions to meet; all designed to bring you closer to your financial goals.

Below are the various savings accounts tailor made for specific savings needs: Click for more details.

  1. Timiza Savings Account: Transact and access your savings regularly.
  2. Jipange Investment Account: A Goal Guided Savings Plan
  3. Jolly Junior Savings Account: Cultivate the culture of saving and financial awareness in your child.
  4. Fixed Deposit Account: Earn higher attractive rates of interest.
  5. Biashara Current Account: The current account that pays you monthly interest
  6. My Chumz: I'm youthful.achieving myentrepreneurship aspirations.
  7. Chama Account: Free investment advise during our investment/networking forums and Easy access to investment financing at a competitive rate.
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