Kilimo Poa Advance

Members can secure a loan against proceeds from cash crops (tea, coffee, etc.) or animal produce (dairy, poultry, etc.) that are channeled through the Sacco.


  • Flexible borrowing options
  • The application process is short and simple
  • Refinancing during the loan period is allowed


  • Loan term is up to 6 months.
  • Credit score prequalification.
  • Loan security options:
  • 1 - 2 Guarantors depending on Loan amount.
  • Guarantors must be Sacco members.
  • Application form attested by a commissioner of oaths at a fee where applicable.
  • Refinancing (Express Advance) allowed during loan term.

Application Requirements

  • You need to be a Sacco member
  • Confirmed proof that proceeds are channeled through the Sacco.
  • Your proceeds pay slip for the latest month where applicable.
  • A duly completed loans application form.

For further information contact your Sacco Member Service representative at your branch or e-mail us




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