Unaitas Sacco Society Limited is a deposit-taking Society licensed by Sacco Societies Regulatory Authority under the Sacco Societies Act in Kenya. For more than two decades now, Unaitas has established itself as a leading financial institution playing a central and supportive role in the social and economic development of our country through the provision of innovative and affordable financial services. Unaitas 2014-18 Strategic Plan spans over five years with transition into banking in 2016 and later listing on the NSE in 2018


Unaitas shares:

To access Unaitas Services, you must hold a minimum 100 membership shares at Ksh 10 per share. The maximum number of shares stands at 1 Million shares. We project to list the shares in our 2014-2018 Strategic Plan. The shares are transferable to the next of kin or new members upon request.

Jipange Savings Account:

This is a goal guided savings plan to enable you save funds for investment purposes.


  • No opening Balance
  • Limited withdrawals
  • Three free withdrawals per year
  • Minimum operating balance, Ksh 500/-
  • Interest earning threshold Ksh 2,000/-
  • No ATM card


  • M-Pesa deposits via Unaitas Paybill No. 544700.
  • Linkage to investment opportunities and advice
  • Affordable Credit for investment
  • Free standing orders to Account


Corporate Account:

Bring your business plans and operations to life and stay open for business with the Corporate Account.

Features and Benefits:

  • Access to Cheque book facilities with zero clearance charges
  • Earn interest on credit balances
  • Free inter-account standing orders
  • Access to overdraft / advances at an affordable charge
  • Special subsidized arrangements for on-premises collection
  • Minimal initial deposit and zero operating balance
  • Dedicated product manager to offer expert advice on business growth


  • Original & Copies of AoA, MoA or By-laws
  • Certificate of incorporation /Registration
  • Resolution to open account at Unaitas
  • Signature mandate(s)
  • Photo of account holder or agents/attorney
  • Certified Copies of Directors’ ID/ Passport
  • KRA Pin Certificate


Investment Group Account:

As a registered investment group, this account enables you to achieve your common investment aspirations as a group. We advise our Investment Groups accordingly on investments and finance you between 4-7 times of your group savings for common Group investment. Requirements:


  • Clear group resolution/minutes to open the account with Unaitas.
  • Certificate of registration for the group-original & copy
  • KRA Pin certificates for all the account signatories
  • Group constitution/by laws
  • National identity cards for all the members- original & copy
  • Passport size photographs for the account signatories-photo can also be taken from the branch at no cost
  • Purchase at least the minimum membership shares i.e. 100 units Ksh 10 each
  • Signatories signatures captured on a separate blank sheet separated for use as specimen signature
  • A list of all members with their identity card numbers and cell phone Nos. clearly indicated


SimbaPay enables you as a Kenyans living abroad to make M-Pesa PayBill deposit to your Unaitas Account.

Here is how to do this:

  • Click on the SimbaPay button above and click Pay Now
  • Create/Login to your SimbaPay account.
  • Click Send Money. Set the delivery method to Utility Bill (Pay Bill). Enter the Amount to send, Enter the Business Number 544700 and Business Name as UNAITAS
  • Choose your Payment Method.
  • The amount will be transferred to your Unaitas account. In case of any challenge, reach us on

    Unaitas. You and Me.