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The coat pocket, and the dreams it held

From a small, dimly lit room, a group of forward thinking farmers came together. They pooled their resources and created a financial basket where they could save and advance loans at affordable rates.


A story is told of how they took turns to donate a chicken to sell and pay their clerk; and of how the group operated its first account from the inside pocket of an old coat. And so they forged ahead, united in the belief that when people bring together their collective stories and shared dreams, they are able to achieve greater things that would otherwise be difficult or impossible if they went it alone.

Reflecting back on the humble beginnings of how Unaitas started, this realization in the strength of unity and a common purpose threads through their unique history, since 1993.

Unaitas is about you and me, coming together – united by our dreams and aspirations. It’s about where we’ve come from, the relationships we forever want to keep and grow. Most importantly, its about weaving a larger dream – that all the people in Africa will one day have the financial power necessary to realize all of their dreams and aspirations.


Unaitas Vision

To Be The Global Financial Movement That Enables You Realize Your Dreams And Aspirations.


Unaitas Mission

Transform Lives Through Provision Of Innovative Financial Solutions.


Core Values

Boldness, Innovation, Excellence, Unity, Integrity and Sound Governance.


Unaitas has established itself as a leading financial institution and has played a central and supportive role in the social and economic development of our country through the provision of competitively priced financial products. This has seen Unaitas win an array of awards including the Financial Reporting (FiRE) company of the year award-Sacco category severally, MSK award, ICT Company of the year, Champions of Governance (CoG) where Unaitas has scooped top awards severally among many others.


From this vantage point, Unaitas prospects into the future are even greater. If you have not joined the movement, time has never been this ripe for you to join.


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