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Boldness, Innovation, Unity, Integrity, Ethics and Sound governance


Unaitas is a deposit-taking Sacco licensed by SASRA. Unaitas was registered on 1993 as a co-operative society under the Cooperatives Act. Through visionary leadership in the course of its rich history, Unaitas has prospered in leaps and bounds and grown to be the largest SACCO in Africa in membership.

Unaitas has been a pacesetter in the SACCO industry having been the first SACCO to automate its operations, open its common bond and adopt a bold brand in line with its growth and expansion strategy.

Today Unaitas through its transformative agenda, has impacted millions of lives and continues to audaciously actualize the dreams & aspirations of its members.


Institutional Accounts

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School Account

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Church Account

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Investment Shares

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Diaspora Account

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Biashara Savings Account

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Joint Account

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Sacco Deposit Account

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Chama Account

Targets registered investment groups

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Biashara Current Account

Account that pays you monthly interest

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Fixed Deposit Account

Earn higher competitive rates of interest

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Jolly Junior Savings Account

Building your child’s financial independence

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Company Account

Enabling one to lock their savings

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Timiza Savings Account

Transact and access your savings regularly

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At Unaitas, we are bound by shared values that drive our purpose:


Harnessing Diversity for Good

Unlocking capital by harnessing the power of unity by bringing people together to achieve that which they would not otherwise achieve on their own.


Design & Innovation

Designing flexible, accessible, and inclusive financial solutions that are in line with the aspirations of the markets we operate in.


Working with what we have

Working with the available assets, opportunity, and potential, of those we seek to serve by adding value over and above what they have.

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