Discover the potential chama has as an investment group.
Unaitas is keen to recruit new members and design tailor made products for the SME’s
What makes us different
We take care of each other, as one big family.
Tailor Made Products
We have very attractive packaged products for Personal as well as Small & Medium Enterprises.
Exceptional Customer Service
Exceptional Customer Service

Welcome to Unaitas

When you and I come together with our shared dreams and collective stories, we are able to achieve that which we would not otherwise accomplish on our own as individuals. We know this for a fact, because since we began close to two decades ago, you have seen us continue to grow. We have indeed gone places with committed partners like you and the collaboration you have accorded us over the course of our rich history.

We boldly reaffirm our commitment to you and our members with renewed sense of purpose:to put more financial power in your hands, for you to realize more of your dreams and aspirations. It's about you and me, and a relationship we forever want to keep and grow.

Certainly we have progressed to a point where we have set our sights higher and dreamt more boldly towards achieving great things with relentless focus. We have adopted a stronger national identity that will carry us into the future with Africa as our footrest.

We'd like to remember where we've come from, and where we are going - even as we continue doing ordinary things in not so ordinary ways - together.

News and Updates:

Unaitas Financial Statements - 2014 (Click to view)

Unaitas Health AfyaKamili Product: A Medical cover for you and your Family, 100% inpatient and no exclusions for pre-existing Conditions!

Investment Chama Account Meeting the unique investment needs for your Investment Group with 11.9% p.a.Financing.

Jipange Investment Account Enables you to save towards attaining your goal, be it to buy a plot, build a house, pay education fees or buy an asset.


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  1. Instructions for Unaitas' EOI (business applications) - PDF
  2. nstructions for Unaitas' EOI (business applications - 2) - Word Document
  3. Consultancy_Services: ABS_(May_2015_Advert)
  4. Notification of Completion of Prequalification of Suppliers 2015/2016
  6. EOI Addendum Evaluation Criteria
  7. EOI Clarifications as at 26-05-2015
  8. Clarifications Issue No.2




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